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Trying to find the perfect Paceco hotel for your next vacation or business trip. We make it easy for you to find hotels in Paceco. You can either book online with our award winning website, or call toll free at 1-800-761-3965 to speak to a live person anytime. Booking your Paceco hotel reservations online with us can be done with a snap. Search, find and then simply select the hotel that best suits your needs by reviewing the comments and descriptions, specify the dates you are wishing to travel. Within seconds a list of available rooms and prices appears real time. You can also find wonderful activities, such as horseback riding, visiting the local zoo, and seeing museums of local culture and tradition. Please tell a friend and let them know about our weekly specials on travel and family vacations all over the world.

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Le Saline Le Saline Hotel
Strada Provinciale 21 Km 4 Contrada Nubi
Paceco, Italy
from $53*

Relais Antiche Saline Relais Antiche Saline Hotel
Via Verdi 22
Paceco, Italy
from $51*

B&b Aldebaran B&b Aldebaran Hotel
Via Archimede 12
Paceco, Italy
from $97*

Melone Giallo Melone Giallo Hotel
Via Cesarò 11
Paceco, Italy
from $44*

Vista Egadi B&b Vista Egadi B&b Hotel
Via Dante, 35 Contrada Nubia
Paceco, Italy
from $55*


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